Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Migraine Behavior

I still say that sports is a very good way to communicate to some people about Migraines and what it’s all about. There was another example that went out today that really got some conversation and education going on at my work today.

We have a guy at work who doesn’t sit far from my desk. He was completely amazed by the article he was reading which was about the Texas Rangers announcer Dave Barnett. While Dave was announcing a televised game recently, he started saying something about how the go-ahead run was at "fifth" (base) and rambled on about a "botched robbery" and something about a "henchman."

The guy at work couldn’t believe that a Migraine could be behind this kind of behavior. Of course I could smell the opportunity for a little education!

It was nice in that he was really receptive and the lady right across from him was able to add in valuable information as well. We also talked about and reminded him of the episode that happened to Serene Branson during the 2011 Grammys while she was on air. Aphasia can happen during the Aura phase of a Migraine where we can have problems finding the right words during an attack.

This article on the sports announcer sparked a lot more conversation around other symptoms of a Migraine attack. He kept saying he couldn’t believe this was all part of a Migraine that he thought a Migraine was someone with a very bad headache who had to go to a dark room to get better.

With a little twist on the article One Person with Migraines Can Make a Difference, knowing this sports guy at work, he will be telling other people he knows, including other sports nuts, about what he learned today and basically because he still won’t be able to get over that he didn’t know that Migraines can make someone talk funny and all the other ways that Migraines affect the brain and other systems in the body.

We need to get the word out any way we can; even if it’s one person at a time.  This conversation never would have occurred if this sports guy did not read about this visible sign of a Migraine Attack in a sports section on the internet.

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