Sunday, June 24, 2012

Let's Do the Monster Mash

Migraine Awareness Month #12: "Let's Do the Monster Mash!" Choose a movie monster that reminds you of your Migraines and tell us why.

This is another challenge that I started in the past and finished today. I am stretching this a bit and hope I can make the connection to my movie monster.

My movie monster is Mommie Dearest. I’m really looking at the “wire hanger” scene and don’t want you to get the wrong impression either. I don’t feel like I’m a bad mom and have never beaten my boys with a wire hanger or anything like that.

I chose this “monster” because sometimes I feel like Migraines can make me want to act like the mad monster person like Mommie Dearest is portrayed as in the movie. I don’t know anything about the real “mommie dearest” so I really can’t speak to whether she was a true monster or not.

In reality, I couldn’t imagine screaming at the top of my lungs like that with a Migraine (or even without one) as I think my head would explode although theoretically, it seems like it would be a nice way to get all of that built up frustration from having a Migraine out in the monstrous way of screaming and throwing things (without a child in the area) around.

I can actually imagine screaming things (quietly) at my offensive trigger or aggravating situation like:

No more fluorescents lights! What are fluorescent bulbs doing in this house when I’ve told you no fluorescents lights ever! What are fluorescent bulbs doing in this house! Answer me!  We’ll see how many fluorescent bulbs you have in this house!  Why? Why?  You live in the most beautiful house in Puppettowne and you don't care that it will be ruined by fluorescent lights!  You don't care!

No more huge barometric changes! ...
No more bathing in scents! ...
No more air horns! ...
No more doctors that don’t listen! ...
No more ERs that think we’re drug seekers! ...

I think I feel better screaming that out on paper. I’m sure you can think of my more shout outs for your “Mommie Dearest Monster”.

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