Saturday, June 2, 2012

Migraine Awareness Month #2: Tea for Two

Migraine Awareness Month #2: Tea for Two. If you could invite someone (any living person) to your home for tea for the purpose of explaining Migraine disease to them so they would truly understand it, who would it be and why?

This one was hard for me to come up with someone to invite to tea. I could think of so many different people. Many who believe they understand, too many in the healthcare profession and some who are doing the best they can while still trying to learn about Migraines. I also went down the celebrity path as they could spread the word to a large amount of people. I ended up having tea with someone I didn’t even expect.  Me.

The person I seem to have the most problems with right now is me. I am not always a good listener and tend to push other people away from helping me. I can be too independent sometimes for my own good.

Although I have gotten better, I still have a hard time with the work/take care of myself balance of Migraine management. This year has brought on tougher to manage Migraines; I need to listen to me.  I have a lot to teach me about how Migraines can be a progressive disease.  I must also let those around me, who want to help, help me.  I can't be superwoman during a Migraine attack.

We have a lot to talk about!  I think I can survive this conversation, on both ends, with myself over tea.

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Jamie said...

What a great idea. I think I could use a conversation with myself too- especially on being more responsible about keeping my journal, keeping my HA specialists better in the loop, and taking care of all of the other issues that surround the Migraines without pushing them aside 'cause I'm in pain.

I'm having tea with myself on monday, thanks to your post. Thanks.

andrea said...

Very true! We can certainly be our own worst enemies sometimes.

MigrainePuppet said...

Andrea - We can be our own worst enemies and who knows the excuses we use better than ourselves.

Jamie - Yes, there really is a lot of area we have to cover as well. There is so much to good Migraine management which also means we have to use good judgement while we are in that pain.

Teri said...

Hi, Puppet!

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