Sunday, October 18, 2009

Migraines and Football again

As a parent with Migraines, I think you always fear you will pass this disease down to one of your children. I guess you don't know at what age your child could show signs of Migraine disease, but every year that goes by, the better you feel about the possibility that you may not have passed it down.

I mention this now because I read an article that was posted by Diana Lee on Somebody Heal Me called Arkansas Football Player Who Suffered Stroke Had History of Migraines which brings up these fears in me all over again because it had to do with a college football player who had a stroke after having a Migraine. You see, I have chronic Migraines and my son plays division one football. Although he doesn't currently feel Migraines, I know people who started having issues with Migraines while in college and others who started having problems after bumping their heads. He has shown some of my sensitivity to light and I hope that that is all he ever inherits.

I do trust in his abilities on the field, but there was one 'kid' on his team this year, who also plays in my son's position, that hit his head so bad during a game that he was carried off of the field and will not be back for the rest of the season and probably not for the rest of his college career. He could not even remember some basic things a week after his head injury which is very scary especially since academics has to come first out of this whole college experience.

My heart aches when I hear about young kids (and really anyone) having Migrainous strokes or are injured beyond being able to do something they love that especially had the added bonus of helping them further their education.

This article is a great reminder to us all that when we do have Migraines or head pain, that we really need to take care of ourselves. Here is an article about Status Migrainous - The Basics written by Teri Robert and another article about The Significance of a Bump on the Head written by Nancy Bonk. Nancy is one of those people who really did not start experiencing chronic head pain until she fell and hit her head.

Please take care of yourself and do the right thing.

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