Friday, October 2, 2009

Another Medication Change

When I saw my doctor last month, we had another really nice visit. I ended up changing my meds again because the side effects became too much and actually became worse after I started titrating down from the beta blocker before it got better.

In the beginning of my visit, I caught my doctor off guard. I bluntly asked her how often she got Migraines. I think she was anticipating my next question and answered both at the same time. She said she gets them about three times a week and doesn't currently take a preventative. She said she will typically get them when her stress level is high and only got a Migraine one time because of a food. My doctor spoke about how she was on Topamax at one time and how much she likes her maxalt.

We continued to talk about when to take our triptans. I confessed that I often have "the struggle" about whether or not I really need to take a triptan this time or as Megan from Free My Brain wrote about the Second-Guessing Game. My doctor said she understood, but that the sooner we take it the less side effects we experience, the quicker the relief and the better off we are. She even confessed that she has had this internal struggle in the past and knows from experience that the sooner we take it, the better off we will be.

At the end of my visit, I didn't mean to say anything, but as she was writing my six scripts, I held them up and said something to the effect of how sad it was that there were so many from this visit. She put on this empathetic face and said something to that effect. I told her it really wasn't that bad.

I went on to tell her that to me these represented ideas, hope and a new path to try. She smiled because she was happy when she thought of the new medication to try after I needed to stop the beta blocker. I just thought she was cute (not really the way I ever anticipated I would be describing a doctor of mine).

I still feel like she is full of ideas and will continue to have them for a while longer. I also know that she knows what we go through which can only help. I am still so glad I found her. Such a big difference from every other doctor I have gone to for Migraines!

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