Saturday, January 30, 2010

Walking Migraine

I really don't like calling in or out of work. I'm not really sure why, but I think one reason is that it's a sign of weakness or that these Migraines are getting one up on me. Trust me, I know that's not the right, true or a healthy way to look at it.

This past week was not so good. The week started off with buckets of rain, adding in some additional hormones and topped off with some snow by Thursday morning. I lasted at work until Thursday afternoon when I finally called it quits. I did leave work on time the other days this week which I hardly ever do.

The week was like torture week. I felt like I had 'walking Migraine'. Kind of like walking pneumonia where you know something is wrong, but you don't listen to yourself. It is still our very busy time of the year and I didn't want to give in even though I knew I wasn't doing anyone, especially me, any good. It didn't matter where I went, everything and everyone bothered me.

I also noticed that I was walking around a lot with my head down. This made me realize that I do this pretty often and decided I wanted to walk with my head straight up; looking at everyone and everything around. But it wouldn't take very long before my head would drop down again. I didn't want to look at the ground. I wanted to look up like everyone else!

After a few nodding episodes, I noticed that when my head was down, it was in the shadows. Damn. That also brought on the realization of why I walk around a lot with my head down and it isn't because I'm a small tall woman. I couldn't stay in one place for too long either which included visiting my team's aisle or even in my office where I have lighting accommodations.

I finally decided to call it quits after someone on my team stopped me to ask me a question while I was walking by her desk. Even though I mentioned I couldn't stay out on the floor for long and another team member, who picked up on my issue, reiterated the same sentiments, I ended up spending another twenty minutes with her underneath these interrogation lights helping her with her problem. Final decision made. Go home.

The last obstacle of the day was to call my boss to let him know I was 'ringing the bell' for the day. Ahhh, voicemail. Left message. Finished the fifteen minutes or so to log out of everything process and I was out of there. After I got home, I took an over the limit number of triptans for the week and fell asleep; only waking up to take my nighttime meds. I don't like taking triptans more than two times in one week, but it was four times this week with a couple of days of using alternate methods to only chill down the Migraine a little.

My boss really is good about things, but I still hate admitting defeat to these Migraines. After I got in the next morning, my boss called to see how I was doing. He said that coincidentally his wife was also struck down and in complete darkness on Thursday. I let him know it was still lingering around and I was all maxed out on meds. He told me that I knew I could do whatever I needed to do to take care of myself and asked if I ever considered going to get a shot. So much flashed through my mind before I just basically said thanks and that I really appreciated that.

What flashed through my mind? The big thing that flashed through was that I recently found out my doctor stopped prescribing rescue medications to at least one of her patients. Although I've never asked for rescues, this week made me rethink that and I wanted to try to bring up this subject matter to her after I heard about her not giving out rescue medications any longer too. This is my opportunity as I feel this week I needed something a little more than taking too many triptans.

I know I need to stop or at least slow down when I have walking Migraine. I will try. It definitely helped with recovery time going home early on this day. Now all we need is to defeat this thing once and for all...


WinnyNinny PooPoo said...

You have to watch out for status migrainousus - the migraine that won't stop (at least without an ER visit)!

I find my mind doesn't keep up the same when the headpain starts banging at my brain.

Hoping for better times next week -

MigrainePuppet said...

I know you are right about SM and something I don't think about for me. My mind definitely does not keep up when I have a Migraine either. This was a very unique week at work where it was tough to call out despite how I was feeling. Thanks for the well wishes.