Friday, January 22, 2010

Migraines may sideline NFLs Offensive Rookie of the Year for Championships

The NFLs offensive rookie of the year and an All Pro team selection for this year may miss this Sunday's NFC Championship game. Why? He has missed the last two football practices due to Migraines.

Percy Harvin has had Migraine disease since he was a child. Migraines have already cost him one other game this football season. Percy plays for the Minnesota Vikings who will compete against the New Orleans Saints on Sunday for the NFC Championships. Whoever wins this game will make it to this year's Super Bowl game!

Percy also missed a few games while playing college ball with the University of Florida Gators. The Vikings knew all about his Migraines before selecting him as the 22nd pick overall in the first round of the NFL draft. Quite an accomplishment for a Migraineur!

His Migraines seem to be coming more frequently lately and can vary in duration. This was the first time he has missed any practice since going to the Mayo Clinic for treatment last month when he missed his last game due to Migraines. They don't know how long Percy will be sidelined. He has not been able to find his Migraine triggers yet. He has worked with numerous specialists and been given many new treatment plans to try.

Percy needs to find something that works for him soon. I don't like to see anyone brought down because of their Migraines. I have developed a new respect for the Vikings as they picked him number 22 overall in the draft while knowing about his Migraines and they seem to be very supportive of his Migraines.

I hope this 21 year old can continue to thrive in what he loves to do as he has had a very successful year despite his Migraines this year. Who knows, maybe he'll be another Terrell Davis - make it to the Super Bowl, have a Migraine, abort the Migraine, score three touchdowns in the second half and be named the MVP of the big game. That sounds nice, except for the Migraine part. Here's to him making it back and playing this Sunday!

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