Sunday, July 3, 2011

Military Migraine

We are having an everything party mixed into one for my oldest niece tomorrow. She will be going away for six months and wanted a big shindig for everything she will be missing during this time including our family reunion, her 21st birthday, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. I'm sure it will be a lot of fun where we will even throw in the 4th of July since this is the date of her party. I know there will be fireworks anyway!

Yes, we will have a big BBQ, turkey with all of the fixings, a Christmas tree, a birthday cake and all sorts of presents for her. She is joining the National Guard and will be in training for these six months.

I am proud of her, but also get a little worried about her because she has been diagnosed with Migraines since she was in kindergarten. She seems to know some of the things she needs to avoid so she does not get as many Migraine attacks which is very important. She has never been on any type of preventative.

Does anyone have any helpful hints for someone in the military for when they get a Migraine? I'd love to pass on anything I can to her to at least make that part of her experience easier for her.

As a follow up to Support for Migraine - Who's Responsible for the Disparity?, as soon as I sent my father the information on the AHDA automated alerts, he signed up to receive the alerts for himself. I have the full confidence that he will be an active participant from now on and will be sending out emails to his elected officials with our next alert especially since he has been actively involved with his representative and recently received approval for an American Legion request he submitted to them where he is now on a first name basis with his rep.

I will be talking to many other family members tomorrow so we'll see how successful I am with them and if they'll follow suit with my father. We are also scheduled to have our real family reunion in a couple of weeks. Last time, we had about 93 family members attend so tomorrow could be like a practice run for me for when we have this bigger family party.

We need to do what we can to be heard. The more people that speak out, the better it will be for us. Each email sent to an elected official represents about 100 people. We need to help ourselves and be heard.


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