Sunday, July 10, 2011

Migraine Related Nausea; Win an iPad2

The last time I went to my neurologist, we talked about alternatives to oral triptans. I normally get nauseous during my Migraines and on occasion, don't feel like taking a very needed triptan because of the nausea.

I wanted to talk to her about a different way to take my abortive for when I don't want to take any medications orally. She said she's not a big fan of injectables, so she opted with the nasal spray form for me. Did you know that our digestive system can slow down during a Migraine which could be one reason why oral medications may seem to work inconsistently or not at all?

I was looking forward to trying the new triptan method, but unfortunately, I could not use it the first few times I really wanted to try it. My nose was so congested that there was no way I was going to use any type of a nasal spray. Not only did I think I wouldn't be able to apply the nasal medication, but I really didn't even want to touch my nose. Because of my Migraine related nausea, I did not want to drink anything or put any oral medication into my stomach either which included taking oral triptans so I pretty much felt triptanless.

Of course I will talk to my doctor during my next visit about an injectable abortive again. Although I am not really overjoyed at the idea of giving myself an injection and have heard of some of those side effects, I am willing to try anything that might help my Migraines. I also carry around an Epipen; should I not use it if I ever needed it because it might hurt or be uncomfortable? That would be silly and I feel the same way about an injectable triptan.

I have since had a chance to try the nasal spray triptan. Like the oral triptans, sometimes it seems to help while other times it doesn't. Plus the nasal spray can occasionally have some untasty and other side effects.

If I can't always take oral triptans and I can't always use the nasal spray and my doctor doesn't like to prescribe injectables, what am I supposed to do? It would be nice to have another alternate way to take a Migraine abortive and I have heard of another form that will possibly be coming to us in the near future.

There is a transdermal (skin) sumatriptan patch, Zelrix, where the Food and Drug Administration is currently reviewing the drug application for approval. A decision is expected in late August. If that happens, the Zelrix patch may be available in 2012.

Zelrix is designed to provide Migraine patients fast onset and sustained relief through a non-oral route of administration. Hopefully Zelrix will provide a better alternative for many Migraineurs by bypassing nausea and vomiting and by minimizing other side effects. Zelrix has a controlled delivery technology that uses a mild electrical current to actively transport medication through the skin using a process called iontophoresis. Here is more information on the Zelrix patch. There was also information presented about the Migraine patch data at last month's American Headache Society's Meeting in Washington DC and additional data was to be presented at the International Headache Society's Congress in Berlin at the end of June.

What do you do, what do you take, where do you go for help or information when you get nauseous from your Migraines? How do you deal with the nausea part of your Migraines?

There is a new website that gives us information on Migraine related nausea. It's an easy URL to remember, There is already a lot of stats and facts and other information on this site which is still being developed. I plan to keep checking back to see what new information gets added as I am always looking for better ways of trying to handle that nauseous feeling. I know for me, the nausea can be the more challenging part of a Migraine than the headache phase.

If you log onto the website, you'll discover many of the things already out there including a video clip from a Migraine expert, who also happens to suffer from Migraines himself, another video from another Migraineur, a news page and many questions/facts that are asked and answered along with all of those stats I like to look at. I can't wait to see what else is added to the site.

This Migraine-Related Nausea More Than A Headache site is also running a contest where five entrants will be randomly selected to win an Apple iPad 2. The sweepstakes ends at 3:00 pm EDT on October 14, 2011. There is a complete set of rules on the site. In ten words or less, entrants need to describe what their Migraine related nausea feels like.

Good Luck!


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