Sunday, February 28, 2010

Second Guessing the Migraine Football Star?

I know I know, it's that subject again. I just found this new angle very interesting.

With the NFL draft coming up in April, the Vikings are starting to look for the 'red flags' that should have been caught around Percy Harvin and his Migraine headaches. They now realize that his Migraines were a bigger issue than they ever thought.

The Vikings are admitting now that they should have taken his NFL scouting report more seriously. They even admitted to seeing Migraines on his report, but said that it was just something they passed over because they didn't think his Migraines were significant enough or debilitating. Not debilitating? He sat out two college games during one season because of his Migraines.

They are looking this over even though Percy managed to be the offensive rookie of the year and was selected to the pro bowl in his rookie year despite his Migraines. Are the Vikings second guessing their choice in Percy?

With all of this, I would have to say that there are a whole new group of people with a whole different respect for Migraines. I just hope they don't start overlooking some other athletes if they have Migraines because of all of this. But then again, this particular Migraineur had two very distinctive honors this season even with his debilitating Migraine attacks.

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