Saturday, February 27, 2010

Migraine Medication Change Poem - Poetry Contest

I wrote an informal Migraine Poem for the 2010 Putting Our Heads Together Poetry Contest currently being run on MyMigraineConnection. This contest will be judged by the National Headache Foundation. The deadline to enter the contest is Wednesday, March 31st.

This is a fun contest for someone who has never written a poem all the way up to the skilled poet. You are invited to enter up to three poems for the contest. All entries must be about Migraines or headaches and be poetry, not prose. Here is a complete set of rules and the entry form.

I am not a poet, but I wrote about a Migraine subject that many of us go through - a medication change. I started this poem after my last doctor's visit during such an event. I am not a writer and don't even know how to punctuate it, but I wrote about how I felt and what was going on with me during this change. Here is my unofficial poem entry:

Migraine Medication Change

Another appointment concluded.
Hands filled with many scripts.
New meds and old meds expectant to do the job.
Will this be the combo for me?

Taper off the old.
Known symptoms return.
Naked once more with one less drug.
Is this the right change for me?

Everyday a different adventure.
Another unprevented disappointment.
More nausea, dizziness, can't remember the rest.
Is tihs the rhigt cgnhae for me?

Titrate up on the new med.
A different way to survive the day.
A fresh hope, another beginning.
Could I become human again?

Time will reveal my fate.
More endurance needed along the way.
Please work, please perform, please be the one.
Are you the answer to my prayer?

Each med change is met with hope.
This combo has to and will succeed.
How will I fare on my new path?
Only time and patience will tell from here.

There's still time for you to join. You can read some poems from previous contests or better yet, the 2010 Migraine poems that have already been submitted for this year's contest. Most importantly, have fun! That's a big reason I wrote my poem and another was so I could share my experience that you would understand. Good luck!


WinnyNinny PooPoo said...

Love the verse with the inverted spelling. Guess that med change wasn't for you!!!

MigrainePuppet said...

Thank you Winny. I haven't given up on this med yet. I found it hardest after coming off of the old and just starting the new medication. This is also where my spelling and talking got to be their worst.