Sunday, November 8, 2009

Where to Sit - Isolated or In the Thick?

I've got a new string yanking at my heart and of course Migraine disease is at one end of it tugging away. I know what I need to do and will, but my kids have always been my weakness - no matter how old they get. Plus my kids seem to extend out to their friends and teammates.

This year has been a very exciting year in the stands at my son's football games. Most of the games have been decided on the last play of the game. No kidding. You can only imagine how loud the stadium can get from fans on both sides. We sit in metal bleachers.

Add to that that this last game was a battle for first place. To try to incite our fans to get even louder, our loudest and heaviest footed fan start moving around, stomping harder and screaming all around the stands in our section. During the first half, I kept popping peppermint to keep the nausea feeling down and drinking some water. This did help things, but I knew I would not be able to fight the additional screaming and shaking of the stands. Don't get me wrong, it was another very exciting game that ended on the last play.

I ended up scoping out other places I could go to watch the rest of the game. Initially I was standing out of the way, but found I really needed to sit. I saw what I thought was a quiet area and parked myself there. Unfortunately I was a little boxed in and after a couple of minutes, I was joined by another fan who was very vocal and then noticed I was right under the loudspeaker. Some days, that's just the way things work out...

Luckily this fan ended up moving around alot without stomping and the loudspeaker wasn't as bad as where I came from. I didn't feel the need to pop any more peppermint either. I was also far enough away from the other team's fans who all felt a need to bring a few cow bells each. I think that would have sent me over the top with any close exposure.

It still would have been nice to have found someplace else to retreat to and I would not like to say it, to have been isolated since this can be such a lonely disease as it is, but at least I was able to wart off the beast this time which I'm not sure I would have been able to do had I stayed in my original, assigned seat. I may opt to either go higher in this section the next time if I feel a need to move from my seat or perhaps scout out some other site around.

After the game, my son and I went out for a nice quiet dinner. It's always nice to spend time alone with him. However, he mentioned something that bothered me. He didn't say it to hurt me nor did he know how I would hear it. First he asked who I was sitting next to. I thought it was great that he saw I had moved and found me. He is such a sweetie. He completely understands everything I go through with my Migraines and knew why I needed to move.

He then said that sometimes the players get bothered when the other team's fans are louder than our own fans in our stadium. I am all for our fans and the other fans cheering and making noise. This is why I chose to move from my seat. I don't want to stop any of that, but I also know I can't contribute to it or it will add to my own issues. My son understands this and said so.

I sort of apologized for not contributing to all of the noise. He told me I was being silly; that he knows. I know I have mom's guilt. I know I want the boys to feel the support of their fans. I know I have a terrific son. I also know I will still do what I need to do to help keep my Migraines as calm as possible.

By the time we were done with dinner and I dropped him back off at his dorm, I was ready to drive back home safely as my body was pretty much back to normal. I have to say, I love him being so much closer to home than his brother was when he went away to school. Plus I love this football excuse of "having" to go see him.


WinnyNinny PooPoo said...

Just a tip from a friend that has migraines and loves college basketball. She packs balistic earplugs (the type you use when you shoot guns).

She says they don't get rid of all noise (so aren't dangerous) but they do drop the decibel levels down and reduce high frequency noise which aggravate her headaches...and they aren't visible so not everyone knows you have them in.

MigrainePuppet said...

I'll have to try earplugs. Thank you for another great suggestion!