Sunday, November 29, 2009

My Grown Up Migraine Helper

My boys know all about my Migraines and I've explained some of the basics, but I'm not really one to dwell on the details behind my Migraines or how I take care of them. I should have talked to them more about them. I think part of this reason is because I wasn't diagnosed until three years ago which was way beyond their screaming days. Sure they know it's a genetic neurological disease and some of the symptoms of it, but I usually handle things myself.

I was able to give my older son an impromptu education lesson today that he could really listen to and learn from after he had an experience with someone else having a Migraine. Right now, my son is going to school while he is also a firefighter in training. He should be full fledged in less than a month which he can't wait for. In our area, they also take turns riding the ambulance.

Today, he told me how he had a Migraine patient which he had to take to the hospital. He talked a little and seemed unsure about what he should have done for her. Heck, if you think about the amount of training a doctor gets with Migraines, can you imagine the confusion with other people in the field? I'm sure he was a little more sensitive, but didn't really know what to do because I mostly just take care of myself with not too much complaining. I usually save that for here :-).

It was really neat how intently he listened. I explained about not turning on the lights and talking in whispers. She wasn't sick to her stomach which was good because I don't think he could have handled that, but then he is always surprising me by what he does and how well he does it. I talked about flashing lights like on the ambulance. He said they did cover her eyes when they brought her outside. Excellent.

It is really amazing to see your little boy all grown up especially since I know he prefers blazing fires to first aide. I'm sure he can look back and see how much richer he has gotten by taking this on in just this short time as part of his responsibilities and I know the first aide part is not his forte. He actually had a successful CPR not too long ago too.

I have a little more to tell him about Migraines that could help him. I don't know why I never thought about how he might be called away to help someone with Migraine on the job. He should know what to do if he comes across someone else with Migraine or later on, that's much, much later on, when he has children of his own, he may even have a Migraineur of his own and it would be helpful if he had a better idea of how to help. I'm so proud of my soon to be volunteer firefighter.