Friday, November 27, 2009

Survived Thanksgiving!

If you've been around, you know I have a large family. Thanksgiving is a huge holiday in our family which usually includes some stragglers who have no other place to go. There aren't as many people as there were at our family reunion or another huge family function we had this year, but then those events are held outside. Thanksgiving was actually a little smaller this year than in previous years, plus we lost a very close family member which brought about a change in location for our dinner. We ended up with thirty-six people at our cozy family dinner which included a surprise cousin from as far away as Texas who was working in the area.

Luckily, our weather was in the mid fifties so the little ones could play outside until dinner was ready, but then when dinner was ready, oh boy, did it get loud in the dining room. Yes, everyone was in one room. It was actually a combination of the living room and dining room except all of the living room furniture was removed and dispersed around while tables were brought in to make two long tables to fit all thirty-six! Ok, so you can say really, really loud now? Then, someone got the brilliant idea to flash the lights to try to quiet it down. Argh! I guess this is a normal thing to do - just not something I would ever do to torture, I mean, something I would ever think to do since I know the consequences it could cause some people.

If I look back now, I know of at least three active Migraineurs in that room including myself. One of the nine year olds still has no clue as to what triggers her very, all too regular Migraines and who knows if flashing lights could do it. (I bet you can guess where my vote would be on that one.) I know how I felt after the lights were flickered for the second time. It was a very nice dinner and helps that I know which foods I can have and which I can't. After the dinner when I went back in the kitchen, I noticed I needed to turn off some spotlights that were on. No one said anything, but it made a world of difference to me.

It was on the verge all day long. I tried to be especially careful with everything I ate and drank the entire day. I'm sure this helped keep me from needing to medicate a tender head. I did not stay in the kitchen after all and found it nice that the spotlights remained off as it still helped every time I walked through.

I hope you had a very Happy, Healthy Thanksgiving.

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