Sunday, October 14, 2012

Me Time

During Migraine Awareness Month in June, we had a blog topic for each day. One of the topics I wrote about was titled “Tea for Two”. We were supposed to write about who we would want to sit down to have tea with for the purpose of explaining Migraine disease to them so they would truly understand it.

The person I chose was me. Although I haven’t formally sat down with me yet, I’ve had many deep conversations with myself lately. One of the things I said made me realize that I need to have more 'me time' no matter what else is going on around me. It may be tougher one day compared to the next, but I have to find that time regardless. If I’m not any good myself, I won’t be any good for anyone or anything else I try to do.

This reminds me of a post that Dr William Young of the Jefferson Headache Center wrote on the Alliance for Headache Disorders Advocacy (AHDA) website where it is especially important for chronic Migraine patients to find a third-space. Migraine disease is so consuming, and has such an impact on family and work relations, that finding this third-space sanctuary becomes an ever more critical inoculation against becoming overwhelmed. It doesn’t matter what that third activity is as long as it involves something that is meaningful to you.

I’ve been a little overwhelmed with things this summer, but I feel like I’m getting more balance in my life as I go back into my third-space which gives me the ‘me time' I was missing for too long. One of my third-spaces is reading what my blogging friends have to say and writing about my Migraine journey. Another one of my third-spaces has always been sports. I’ve had a tough time with this one for the last couple of years, but I have actually managed to play two volleyball games this month and look forward to playing as many as I can this season.

What is your third-space? Does it give you the balance you need in your life? If you don't use your third-space right now, what would you like to do?

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