Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Family Follow Up

After I sent out emails to family and friends about signing the on-line petition, it was real interesting to see who signed the petition right away, who procrastinated and who never did anything. I don’t really ask for much for myself from them as I will do what I need to do, but I fight more for my nieces, nephews and others who struggle and are trying to find their way through Migraineland.

I sent my emails out to some core family/friends and then forwarded that on to my sons and niece who are now old enough to vote, two of which are Migraineurs, while explaining a little bit more about what the petition is all about. By Thanksgiving, I only had one person, one of the younger members of the family, who had signed the petition.

This gave me a lot to talk about during Thanksgiving, but it was trickier to do because there were unique triggers in the different rooms, but at least the lights weren’t too bad this year. The funny part was that I ended up, don’t laugh, sitting in one of the chairs in the nice dark quiet hallway which actually brought people to me and led perfectly into the conversation.

Most people recalled getting the email, had wanted to act upon it and vowed to do something when they got back home. One brother signed it right then and went on to do something I hadn’t done to that point even though I should have known better - I am just not good at taking the subtle (or even not so subtle) hints lately. He posted it to his Facebook. I followed his example after I got home.

It feels so rewarding to help others sign up for something like this especially since they are affected by Migraine disease too – whether directly, through a child, parent, sibling, friend, any of those combinations or any other way. They do want to help, but we must help get the word out so those that want to help know how they can help. It was also fulfilling to see other friends sign the petition from the Facebook posts.

I know everyone didn’t sign (yet), but there were people who NEVER sign anything who went out there and even put in comments on the petition. To date, two thirds of the ‘kids’ I sent the email to signed the petition and the one who didn’t, is in basic training so I’ll give her a pass. In addition to signatories that came from the Facebook posts, I have had a little over a seventy percent response - so far.

It always upsets me when I see another ‘Migraine Specialist’ give up on a patient because they’ve tried every medication or when a Migraineur is labeled as a Drug Seeker because doctors don’t know enough about Migraines and think we would rather be treated with narcotics than abort our Migraine.

We need more education, which means more funding, around Migraines. We need Congressional hearings to be held before the Primary Health and Aging Subcommittee of the Senate HELP Committee and/or before the Health Subcommittee of the House Energy & Commerce Committee – prior to the close of the 112th Congress.

It’s not too late to sign the petition or add it to your Facebook if you haven’t done so yet. It’s not too late to help spread the word. We Migraineurs definitely need your help with this too.


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