Sunday, December 25, 2011

Embarrassing Migraines

I have tried talking about something I have done on many different occasions. It's something I do when I have a Migraine, but I find it kind of embarrassing and hard to talk about. Most of the time I can control myself, but at other times, I think I just don't want to because as embarrassing as it is, in some way, I sometimes felt a little better too.

I know I get very frustrated when I have yet another Migraine, but I get such a potty mouth that I could put a truck driver to shame. There are times I can pretty much control my language, but at other times, I just have a hard time doing that. Maybe I just won't try so hard to curb my naughty words any longer.

Today I read a post by Dr Alexander Mauskop in his Headache News Blog. His post was about how Swearing helps pain, to a point. He said that a study showed that for most people, swearing reduced their pain and increased their heart rate. However, if you frequently swear, you may have less of a pain relieving effect. I guess maybe I am not so alone with my little issue.

I still find it very embarrassing to have such a dirty mouth during these times, but maybe I won't beat myself up as much as I have been if it's also a way that has been helping me. I guess a little bad word usage is ok as long as I don't overdo it and as long as I am careful of where I am and who is around.

I have finally confessed another one of my dark Migraine secrets. Do you use profanity during a Migraine? Do you do anything f'n embarrassing before or during a Migraine?



Migrainista said...

I too swear during my migraines. Well, honestly, I'm just pretty on edge, don't know if it is the pain or just the frustration.

MigrainePuppet said...

I think it has a lot to do with frustrations and not being able to or having the energy to think of cleaner words that feel as good to say. Sometimes, it's just tough not to swear :^).