Sunday, October 3, 2010

One Month Later

It has been four weeks since I started my second elimination diet which has not been like the first time I did it. I didn't expect it to be the same, but I didn't expect it to be so different either.

In one way I feel better even though I haven't really experienced much of a Migraine reduction yet. At this point last time, I had gone from having a Migraine or headache almost everyday down to about one per week which was just before I started adding back a new food per week. I haven't been this low since then.

After the first month on the ediet this time, I have not seen a reduction in the number of Migraines. However, I feel my mind is a little clearer, my face is not as numb, I am not as nauseous or as dizzy and I actually lasted 3 aisles in the food store before I had to get my forgotten hat. I certainly attribute these improvements to some of the foods I am not currently eating.

Since I have been on the ediet this time, I have been surrounded by many other triggers that I credit for keeping my Migraine levels up. In these four weeks, we have had two weeks of pouring down rain, I have had two hormonal weeks and I am wrestling with many triggers at my son's football games. Big sigh.

Compared to the first time, I am much more aware of other triggers around me as I was in the beginning of my Migraine eduction process then. Last time, I started the ediet at the beginning a January. I don't believe hormones were as big of an issue back then and that January was a dry, non-snowy, non-rainy month. Starting the ediet at the beginning of September this time, has been met with the triggers mentioned above plus some very hot days and smells that you don't get in January. For me, winter probably would have been a better time to start the ediet again, but I really wanted to get started with the whole process again quickly and didn't think anything out.

I will need to do my best to factor all of these extra, unavoidable triggers in when I start adding a new food back this time. I was really hoping to be in a better place than I am right now, but I'm sure I'll be able to figure something out and may even need to retest some of the new foods depending on other triggers that are around on a given week when that food is added.

I am still trying to hold off for another two weeks before adding back any foods, but this past week has started getting a little rough as I am craving other foods. I am very anxious to start adding back and contemplating beginning with basic things on the Thanksgiving menu so I will be ready for that holiday by the time it comes around.

There is so much to learn about Migraines and it can take a little longer for those of us who tend to be a little thickheaded or stubborn. It's also kind of hard to do when we have too many Migraines, but we must start making dents someplace in our trigger identification process.

I believe I have more Migraine triggers now then I did back then; both food and other triggers. I know I have become so much more sensitive to some triggers then I used to be and hope to identify some of these additional triggers soon.



Jamie Valendy said...

I am so proud of you for sticking to your elimination diet, in spite of all of the obstacles that you're facing. I've never been able to convince myself to do an elimination diet, though it might be beneficial... not sure I have the discipline to do it right now. Keep doing what you're doing, and hopefully you'll be able to better recognize your triggers. Blessings.

MigrainePuppet said...

Thank you, Jamie. It helps to have the support of my friends. There are other triggers I want to pursue, but I think I have developed additional food triggers that I need to identify first.

Not everyone has food triggers, but for me, finding my first group of food triggers on the ediet helped me tremendously. If you're not ready to start an elimination diet, you might want to try writing down everything you eat or drink to see if you can identify any patterns.

When I start losing it, I try to focus on my goal of lowering my Migraines. It does help. Good luck if or when you decide to do the elimination diet.