Sunday, August 29, 2010

Tinting Helped

A couple of months ago, I wrote about having sun-screening put on my car windows as a way to try to help with my Migraines especially with the summer months coming. Everything seemed to make sense and it was an expense we decided was worth trying.

Every state has different tinting rules and regulations. My state doesn't allow any tinting on the front window or windshield, but you can apply for a medical exemption which is what I did and was approved for. You can tint the back of your car any tint level you want in my state.

I was approved for a 60% visual light transmission (VLT) in the front and also a clear window sun-screening for my front windshield which helped reduce the sun glare and UV rays from passing through. The VLT is a measure of the amount of total visible light that passes through the glass. Keeping my car legal in my state, I had the front tinted according to my approved exemption and decided to have the back tinted at 15% VLT.

I can say that I really like the back having as low of a VLT as I had tinted. The only precautions I must take are when I need to backup at night as it is a little more difficult to see. I try to back in any parking spots whenever I know I will be leaving after dark. I especially like the tinting when the headlights of cars and trucks behind me are shining through the rear window into my rear view mirror. It does not hurt me!

The front, legal tinting has been a little different. If I had my choice, I would want the front, side windows to have a little lower VLT. I think I'd be happier with a 40 or 35 percent and still be able to see comfortably at night or in the rain. Although I do believe the 60% does help, I can still feel lights reflecting off of the side mirrors into my eyes as well as the sun through the windows. As I said, I do think it's helping and am glad I did get this tinting too.

Now my front windshield was approved at a clear tinting and I always questioned how much it was actually helping me if at all. I finally got my answer.

Yes, the clear tint on the windshield was definitely helping! How do I know for sure? My newly tinted windshield developed a spider crack in it. Unfortunately, the clear window screening film didn't stop the spider from spreading and I needed a brand new windshield.

As I was driving my son back to school after a weekend break today, the glare from other cars was very evident as it was shining through the windshield and lighting up the whole interior. My son also commented on how he thought the car was hotter. That was one of the things the tinting people said is that the car would be a little cooler. I can't put another screening on the windshield at this point, but this will be something that I will keep in mind for the future.

Overall, I think having your car windows tinted or sun-screened will help with your Migraine management. I have to say it has helped with mine through the summer months and I believe it would help with the snow glare in the wintertime too.



Jamie Valendy said...

I have a fairly new car, and I made sure to get tinted windows. I'm not sure of the exact numbers or anything, but they are darker than most I've seen. I never knew there was anything you could do about the front windshield. I love having darkly tinted windows. It helps my migraines - as a driver and as a passenger.

steph said...


MigrainePuppet said...

I agree that the tinting helps whether you are a passenger or the driver. My state wouldn't be able to sell cars with tinting on the front windows since it's illegal here.

It's always interesting how much some of these laws can vary from state to state. It almost seems like it's safer to drive in some states with tinted window than it is in others because they are so different... :-)

Migrainista said...

Now this is something I just never thought of. Great idea!

MigrainePuppet said...

I am very light sensitive and am glad I had my windows done. If this is something you try, I wish you the best of luck.

Harry said...

We tinted the windows in our car to help our baby daughter who hated the glare and warmth coming in the windows. Believe me, we tried the pull-down shades and those did not work very well. We purchased an affordable window tint kit from SnapTint and had it installed in no time. No problems after that. Everything stayed cool in the car and no more glare.

MigrainePuppet said...

After I had my windows tinted, a friend of mine had her windows tinted for the same reason you listed. She said the baby was never so comfortable. Thanks for another positive reason for the window tinting! I'm so glad this worked out so well for you and your daughter too.