Friday, December 25, 2009

Facebook Group for Healthcare

There is a facebook group that is trying to collect members to help show Congress our concern about health care and changes that are needed. This facebook group is not to support any one individual bill or proposal. It is meant so we can tell Congress to get it together and get the healthcare reform we need and deserve; to stop being politicians and start being leaders. This group is not out to get into any political discussions, but wants to stick to a basic message.

I don't know how to fix it, but I know our health care system is broken. I can't imagine going without any insurance, but sometimes I wonder about the insurance coverage people already have. There are people who are not insured and others who are underinsured.

I am currently struggling with a Migraine medication change because the portion of my prescription was going to cost a little too much for me to be able to manage. My doctor said if it was working one hundred percent, then maybe we'd have to try to stick with it, but that really wouldn't change the fact that my portion of the cost is just too much for me.

Other issues I've run into is where I feel like the insurance companies are overruling what my doctor has prescribed for me without even seeing me. How can these pencil pushers decide what is better for me than my doctor, who examined me and has been trained to treat me? How can they limit the doses of medications, such as triptans, my insurance will cover when my doctor feels that is best for me? My doctor and I know how to treat me without complicating matters by creating Medication Overuse Headache - When the Remedy Backfires.

I knew last year that my insurance needed help after my son went to the ED for some stitches. It was late so there were no doctors offices open and our only real option for him was the ED. After three stitches, our out of pocket expense was over a thousand dollars. Now that is ridiculous and supposedly I have good insurance. I can't imagine that. I am not complaining about contributing something toward the care we received, but a thousand dollars seems a bit excessive for three stitches.

I don't like partisan politics and can't understand why our politicians don't work together to get a good reform bill out there. Health care reform should be bipartisan and politics should not get in the way. I want what is best for the American people not for some political party's agenda.

It's time to stop playing these political games and for all of our politicians to start being leaders. It's time for them to lead the charge for true health care reform for all Americans. You can read Teri Robert's post on Migraine Treatment - We Need Health Care Reform Now! and join her new facebook group, Open Message to Congress on Health Care Reform.

It's Teri's goal to get enough people to join the group so she can point the group out to Senators and members of the House. This will only work if she can get thousands of members. We really need to have some changes to the way our health care is managed now. One way to help would be to join this facebook group and to ask your friends to join too.

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