Saturday, December 26, 2009

The Diary Continues

My son came home for his winter's break from college. Prior to him coming home, he only had about two weeks to fill out his headache diary.

Since he was just starting finals when I became aware that he was getting frequent headaches, I didn't want to go into a lot of detail with him at that time, over the phone and just had him keep a log of how he was feeling along with any symptoms to try to get a broad idea of what was going on.

After he got home, we went through his log. I can see from this little time that I need him to keep up with his diary along with much more details. We talked a little about Migraines and the importance about finding out more about his headaches. I'm still not ready to say he has Migraines because we need the details before we can really take his care to the next step.

For all I know, he could just be getting tension headaches right now. He just started keeping more detail so we can get a better picture. He has had at least two headaches since returning home a little over a week ago.

Migraine disease is tough enough. Everything around it demands our patience. Whether it's starting a new medication or trying to find out if another loved one may have inherited this disease, it takes time. Only time and a detailed diary will help tell if my son has Migraine disease or just had a bad string of tension headaches.

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