Sunday, August 9, 2009

Sending Him Off

Why does it always seem to happen when you really don't want it to? I know we don't ever really want it, but it's constantly on those more important days. I knew it had been building up, but then again, how could it not?

I dropped my son off at school today. Not only do I have the gamut of emotions, you know I'm so happy for him, it's the best thing for him, it's where he should be to I'm going to miss him, he's not here anymore, my baby has left, but I also had another whole array of triggers. They always all seem to come at the same time. Why is that?? I not only woke up to the rain, but there were other extra stresses which I'll describe in a little while and of course hormones are around when you don't want them either.

The past few days have been building up. Too much time in and out of too many stores. We did do as much on-line shopping as we could, but you can't get everything on the Internet. The worst store this week was the stationary type store where there are fluorescent lights just above eye level on every single shelf.

We ended up going in many more stores that day and the days to follow. It was also the delicate balance of finishing the packing, laundry, making sure everything worked, the last last minute items and of course he's got to go out with his friends. He was the first of his group to leave so I think that added some extra pressures on both of us.

And then came today. We needed to get to the campus at nine in the morning where we had an hour to check him in and unload his stuff. His roommate got there just after we did so they were unpacking and getting setup at the same time. It was fine except for the part where they kept trying out their light by turning it on then off and on then off and then it they would turn the light sideways while it was on. I think you understand my issue with this scenario, but I stayed calm.

We had a small itinerary to follow and a barbecue for lunch with the parents last event being a freshman orientation meeting. It was really nice and just what I needed to get an idea of what he would be doing at this school. We were going to meet with our kids briefly to say our goodbyes and that would be it.

My extra stresses started when my son moved onto his next meeting without saying his goodbye! After looking around, I saw his roommate who said my son disappeared right after their meeting was done. He found him at their next stop and sent him out for me. It helped, but everything had already begun to rise.

Right after I left and was on the highway with no where to turn, I received a phone call from my son. I could tell he was very upset. The school did not have some of the paperwork we sent in. Without it, he would not be able to practice with his team tomorrow morning. I'm stuck in traffic. No where to go. I'm worried about my son although I know we will make everything better for him. He is facing his first night alone with these huge life changes going on and his one constant is threatened to be taken away from him.

Of course you know the familiar pounding by now. I'd done everything I could to keep it to a dull roar all day long. I was trying to get information from my son and from home only to end up going over the wrong bridge. I have no idea how I ended up going over this bridge. Well, yes I do, but that's why I love GPS because it gets me out of the jams I get myself into when I can't listen to her or follow her directions.

Finally, my son gave me the update that he and the school were able to take care of some of the missing information, but I will need to fax the additional materials tomorrow. At least he shouldn't miss any practices. Phew, but too late for the head.

As I asked earlier, why is it these things always happen when you need to be alert and there for someone else? Someday.

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WinnyNinny PooPoo said...

I know the disorientation of being somewhere and having no idea how it happened in the midst of a headache episode. We're like migratory birds with our instinctual steering mechanisms broken!

Exciting day for your son, sorry it became a headache day for you.