Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Ingrained Migraines

I hadn't realized how ingrained Migraines had become in my head (pun initially not intended). However, there have been a couple of things recently that have really demonstrated this to me.

One morning, I was listening to the radio. The host asked; "If you're about to be executed, what is your final meal"? It doesn't matter why you're about to be executed - you could be completely innocent like the rest of your row-mates. How would you answer this question? What thoughts would you have?

I was also watching my niece in a play. During the play, one of the characters was talking up to 'the light' in the sky. What thoughts go through your mind when you see/hear this?

I have to tell you, I thought of a meal that I haven't had in a long time and used to really enjoy eating. Then quickly dismissed this as my last meal. Why? Of course it contains a huge food trigger of mine which is why I haven't had it for a long time. Then I start to think it's really sad that even as a last meal I couldn't have a food that I really enjoy because my food triggers hit me too fast. Some people can have food triggers that will trigger them up to 48 hours later, but mine hit almost immediately. How would you like to be executed with a roaring Migraine?

Here's my thought about the play. All I could think of is can Migraineurs be actors or actresses if lights are a big trigger for them? I know I would not be able to look up at the spotlight and talk to it. I don't think I would be able to work under the spotlights without having to look up at them. I can't even work under normal office lighting! As it is, I have to work under special light accommodations. I realize there are some stars who do work in the field like Marcia Cross, Elvis and others who deal/dealt with Migraine disease, but it had to be real tough on them with the bright lights at times and I would hope that light is not a big trigger for them.

Even though on the one hand I think it's sad to be thinking along these lines, my true thoughts are that I feel I have come a long way with this disease partially because I am thinking about my triggers. The more I think this way, hopefully, the more Migraines I will be able to avoid.

I may not ever be on death row or in a play with spotlights, but I have to eat everyday and I'm in rooms with lights turned on in them everyday too. If I don't eat, I would most likely get a Migraine as not eating is a trigger. If I don't turn a light on, I may trip and get hurt especially considering how clumsy I am when I can see.

Although I may never be an actress, I have given presentations where I have either a light or a projector shining toward me. I think the difference is that I don't necessarily have a certain spot I have to stand and converse with somebody and I certainly don't have to stare or talk at the light.

By having these thoughts in the front of my mind, I can make more informed decisions all of the time based on everything going on around me and not just use the ostrich approach which can be more comfortable. Knowledge truly is power.

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