Sunday, May 31, 2009

No Trigger Today!

I had a food today that triggers me every time I eat it, but I feel wonderful! Ok, let me step back a little bit. It's normally a trigger food because of the way it's prepared and it's one of the all too irresistible type of foods that I've just recently learned to be able to turn away.

I love chicken franchise. So how come I ate it if I can now pass it up? I was part of the planning committee for the end of season party for my son's sports award dinner and the caterer for the event was also on this committee. I asked preparation questions and we were able to arrange to have the chicken franchise cooked in way that I could eat it too. She said they can normally have any dish made with special requests; that they get them all of the time.

I really was prepared not to have any. I had requested the dish since it is one of my son's favorite foods too. In the past, I was able to talk myself into believing that I was not really hurting myself too bad just having a very tiny piece of it even though I would get multiple Migraine symptoms almost instantaneously before I would get the inevitable. I can tell you now, I know I am not going to get a Migraine from the serving I had today. It usually hits me pretty fast and I don't feel a thing. Nothing! Not one single symptom coming on!

It really does pay to know your triggers and if you have food triggers, I strongly recommend you go down to the ingredient detail level of your food triggers. In chicken franchise, I only have one ingredient that triggers me. Once this was substituted, I was golden and ended up enjoying one of my favorite dishes which I had pretty much written off.

I am a happy camper today.

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