Saturday, October 26, 2013

Purple Gold Star

I am so proud of my niece. Not only because she is going for her gold star in the Girl Scouts, but also because of what she plans to do for her project.

You see, she has a little sister who has had chronic Migraines and headaches for over five years. It's horrible to see her with head pain all of the time and she’s not even a teenager yet.

For her Gold Star project, she plans on doing something around Migraines. She wants to bring awareness around them and if possible, raise money while doing it. She has a few ideas around what she wants to do, but is very open to any helpful hints; things that have worked for you, your ideas or just your encouragement would help.

Last summer, her sisters (she has three younger sisters) and her set up a lemonade stand. They ended up raising an incredible amount of $50! Not only that, but they donated that money to the Migraine Research Foundation to help with research.  How awesome is that!!

I hope you are half as proud as I am of my niece and she, luckily, does not even show any signs of Migraine at this point.

What helpful hints do you have to offer for my niece?

Thank you!

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