Friday, April 27, 2012

MRI Trigger

Have you ever had an MRI trigger a Migraine? My son's Migraines have been under great control for the past two years, but when he had his MRI, it triggered a 2+ day Migraine.

Of course this brings on my worst fears - that his concussion will have triggered more Migraines to come his way. I can hope and pray that they haven't made things worse for him like a few other people I know. My son's neurologist ordered the MRI after his cognitive test to return to sports was lower and slower than his baseline test was and he still had too many symptoms a week after his concussion.

When we discovered he had Migraines, we were luckily able to identify his Migraine triggers pretty quickly. He has been doing a pretty good job with his sleep schedule, staying hydrated and taking his supplemental vitamins.

Let's face it, it's tough to discover you can have some debilitating Migraines during your freshman year of college. He never realized, nor did he tell me that he was experiencing some headaches in high school. He would just take some Tylenol, get a little rest and would be mostly good.

The 'headaches' he got his freshman year of college were much different. I don't know if it was because of all of the additional pressures he was under plus all of the triggers he was faced with like he really hadn't been before. I didn't find out about his headaches until his 1st semester finals were about to start and I wouldn't be able to have a good talk with him until after he came home which is when we really started addressing them and educating him.

His freshman year was also difficult because his roommate was also a night owl who would pride himself on staying up all night and sleeping all day. He is really a great guy who comes from a really nice family, but you can see the huge Migraine trigger for my son who needed his sleep. He did work it out that second semester and reduced the number of Migraines he was getting tremendously.

It's been three weeks since his concussion. He is much better than he was, but has not been cleared to start the step progression back to competition yet. Their spring game is this weekend which he will spend the time cheering on his team. I am glad he was not pushed back into the game where he could risk more or even permanent injury to his head and grateful that he is bright enough to know that his mind is not worth risking to play in a few more football games.

Have you ever had an MRI trigger a Migraine?


Casey Sean Harmon said...

Hello. I was just wondering: how is your son doing now? Did the headaches go away? I really hope so! (Please visit my blog "Writer/Soldier" when you get a second.) CSH

MigrainePuppet said...

My son is doing much better. He hasn't cleared the first step to return back yet, but he knows he has to do it right. Thank you for asking about him.

I really enjoyed your blog. Congratulations on being an expectant dad!