Saturday, January 21, 2012

Little Efforts can go a Long Way - Please Help

The little things we do can go a long way.  We do not have to expend a lot of effort or energy to sign the petition or to get others to sign the petition urging congressional hearings to be held on the impact of headache disorders.

The AHDA has done the hard work for us! When you or someone you know signs the on-line petition, all that needs to be filled out is your First Name, Last Name, Email, Zip Code and then click Sign the Petition: 

That's it! The comments are optional - you can enter them only if you choose to make a comment. 

Some of the comments made by those with Migraines and headaches who have already signed the petition can be found on Putting our Heads Together

After you sign the petition, it's so easy to hand out flyers to others to help to get more signatures for the petition. Here is brief glimpse at what the flyer looks like:

If you click on the picture of the flyer, it will bring you to a full sized copy of the letter that you can print and hand out to others

I've approached some people at work who were more than willing to sign the petition after I mentioned it to them. They even wanted to pass the flyer along to others after hearing about the petition drive. To make it easier, I emailed them the flyer along with a link to sign the petition so they could simply pass it on to others. To my amazement, it has already gone to many other states beyond my simple reach.

Please help keep the ball rolling. After you sign the petition, please help spread the word.  Don't be afraid to ask others if they are interested in helping with this very worthy cause. I even had someone who has always refused to sign petitions who ended up helping us out.

It takes only a minute. The AHDA will deliver the signed petition directly to Congress, but we need enough signatures to do that. Together, we can make a difference and we can ensure that our lawmakers in Washington appreciate the urgent need to reduce the enormous burden of headache disorders. Thank you for your help.

Please sign today and pass it along.

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