Wednesday, December 22, 2010

New Migraine Site

A new Migraine site has recently been unveiled. It can be found at:
It's nice to have another trustworthy site available for us to visit where we can go to get more reliable Migraine information. We should also recognize many of the familiar Migraine names and faces on the site. They already carry a great reputation in the Migraine field and will be contributing material on where they can keep passing on more of their tremendous information! has: quizzes, Ask the Expert, Physician Experts, Healthcare Experts, Patient Advocates, suggestions on different ways we can Get Involved, a forum, blogs, articles and I could keep going on. There is also an on-line Migraine Journal which will have more great new features coming in 2011. When the Migraine Journal is officially launched next year, it will include a video tutorial and an expert physician article. You'll have to explore for yourself to see everything it has to offer!

Sometimes I have a harder time comprehending things than other times where I find it easier to listen to new items. If you would like to sit back, has a brief tutorial on the registration process on youtube where you can listen to and watch the activity.

If you know me, you know that I am a numbers person. There are polls all throughout the site. I like that I can immediately see how I compare to others on each poll and even long after I've taken the poll, I can see where I stand after new people have taken the poll; my answers remain in bold so I can see how I originally answered the poll without having to play the guessing game.

To introduce more people to and to communicate their own Migraine stories, the first 500 people who share their stories will be entered into a sweepstakes where someone will win an Apple iPad!

You can review the complete set of rules in the 'Share Your Story' section where you can also look at some of the interesting stories that have already been submitted as I have even added my story. I can't wait to read about the 500 different accounts that will inevitably be told. Maybe you'll even be the winner of the FREE iPAD sweepstakes!

Check out See what you think! I'd love to read about your Migraine story!



WinnyNinny PooPoo said...

MP: I'm a numbers person too! sounds interesting!

MigrainePuppet said...

Winny - I was actually thinking of you with all the numbers and polls. I like that stuff. Check it out!