Sunday, November 7, 2010

New time? New profession?

The last time my boss, Bart, was in town, we had a very unusual talk. Sometimes it's hard to talk with him because he is very busy and normally works a million miles away. Ok, maybe not quite, but he does work in one of our offices a few states away. It was nice to see him for the couple of days he was in our building.

Bart was still very busy on his visit, but we did get a chance to spend some alone time together early one morning while he grabbed some breakfast. Of course he offered to get me anything I wanted and being as good as I could while on the elimination diet, I declined anything. He asked me how 'that' was going and often teases me about how I eat the same thing everyday. I usually joke back with him because those foods become my comfort foods where I could go back to them and know I would be safe. Plus I can see the humor in eating the same thing everyday; not to mention that I unexpectedly went to a fancy Italian restaurant with some work friends who were in town and all I had was water, but it was still a great time that I would definitely do over again.

Bart and I talked about a lot of things during this breakfast. For a non-Migraineur, he knows enough about Migraines as his wife has had Migraines forever and takes preventatives for them too. Bart was my first teacher of Migraines, but I think he becomes uncomfortable talking about them after a while which is why I try not to bring up the subject with him.

While we were talking, the topic got shifted a little. He was 'cute' when he was trying to come up with other work schedules or professions that I could try which would be best for my Migraines. At least I hope he wasn't trying to give me a hint about having to start looking for another job as I didn't pick it up that way. Although my job can be very taxing and frustrating, I do enjoy the work and still have a lot to learn. He started off by saying I should sleep all day and work through the night. I thought that was creative, but then that would mean I would always need to work under the lights.

He then suggested that I could drive a truck at night or something like that. At the same time, we both said something about how the oncoming headlights wouldn't be any good. He mentioned wearing sunglasses. I've already tried that. I definitely had the wrong sunglasses on as I was driving down the highway because at the last minute, I barely saw a car on it's roof in the lane ahead of me. I have been terrified to wear sunglasses at night since then even though I have other sunglasses with different types of lenses now. I don't want to take that type of huge risk again. It was really nice to see him trying to come up with alternatives for me and listening to my responses even if this was just exercise like - I hope...

What time of day do you think would be best for a Migraineur to work? What type of work or profession do you think would be best?



WinnyNinny PooPoo said...

My migraines didn't like me switching work schedules, plus lasted approximately 8 or more hours, so that would probably go into the next shift time...

I never ever had the type of migrane many people seem to have where light "triggers" the migraine. I was photophobic DURING the migraine but it never triggered he migraine.

I definitely could not have worked around petroleum products or cleaning detergents as those WERE triggers for me.

MigrainePuppet said...

I don't think I could switch my hours either. I'm more early to bed early to rise.

I think it might be easier to do a list of jobs or products we can't work around. Things that do trigger us.

Migrainista said...

OH I hope someone has a good suggestion for what is an ideal career for a those of us with severe and frequent migraines. I haven't been able to come up with anything over the years...very discouraged.

MigrainePuppet said...

That would be great. Maybe we can come up with a new business to start! We've got a lot of very 'bright' Migraineurs on our side.