Sunday, June 27, 2010

Coping with Stress and Migraines

It seems like I am having a harder time dealing with things lately. I can't really pinpoint what it is, but I have so much running through my mind all of the time where sometimes I don't know what to do. I start to feel so overwhelmed and useless to everyone, especially me, but still have so much to do. That never goes away.

Whenever I get like this way, I continually ask myself the same questions over and over. Is it my Migraines that are making me feel this way? Is it the Migraine medications I take that is helping to make me feel this way? Is it everything that is going on in my life right now? Is it something else? Or is it a combination of any or all of these questions?

I think we all have stress. Sometimes it's easier to deal with than other times. When stress levels are up, do you ever try to figure out what is different about the times when Migraines are easier to handle from the times when it's more difficult to get by? For some reason, lately has been one of those periods of times when I feel I am not managing anything so great which is not helping my Migraines and symptoms.

There are all different types of stresses going on - work, family, Migraines, etc. It's tough to keep trying to figure out new or other ways to help our Migraines. Some of these plans work, some don't and some only help a little. This doesn't even touch on the time and money that goes into the research and various strategies we undertake ourselves.

My job is also getting more and more demanding right now. It will continue on this path for a while longer. There are also family challenges like my two children are home for their college summer break. It took them a little while, but they both finally managed to find summer jobs. They were lucky; many of their friends still don't have jobs. Before I know it and before I'm ready for it, my kids will be going to be back off to school. I love having them home even if I don't see them very often because of our busy lives.

Although they have reduced some, my Migraine levels are still too high. I have to be extra careful in the way I handle everything when my stress goes up so I can try to keep the number of Migraines I get down. Even though I believe stress is not a Migraine trigger, it can exasperate my existing triggers so I will Migraine much easier than normal.

For these next coming weeks, the best way I'm going to be able to cope with everything and keep my Migraines down, is to make sure I do everything I can to take care of myself. Some of the things I need to do or be more cognizant of would include:
> leave work at lunchtime - even if I feel I have too much to do and can't afford the time to get away, I need to get away
> leave work on-time - even if I log in from home later, it will be less stressful with no office interruptions
> make sure I eat well
> make sure I get enough sleep at night
> drinking enough water
> getting up and away from my desk as much as possible
> avoiding as many known triggers that I can

These are some of the things I can do pretty easily to try to reduce my Migraines plus I can look for my known symptoms early so I can treat an oncoming Migraine quickly. I have to try to reduce my stress especially during this time. Another thing that usually helps me is to take some time to do relaxation breathing or only fill a cup of water at a time so I have to get up and walk around to refill my water instead of having a whole days water supply at my desk.

What are some of the tricks you use to cope with your stress to help keep the number of Migraines you get down?



Migrainista said...

Sounds like you have a great plan. I try hard to do the schedule things...sleep, eat, water, etc. Most of the time it seems like nothing I do reduces the frequency but I can sometimes control how early in the day I need to take medication. A small victory for sure, but I'll take it.

WinnyNinny PooPoo said...

One of my tricks is that I CHOOSE to be stressed, so I can UNCHOOSE to be stressed.

It is a very hard trick to learn, and not everyone can do it, and it's not always 100% successful. Not very encouraging is it? But its somewhat like biofeedback works better with practice.

However, stress or no stress my headache stays. Less stress just makes me less witchy with a b. Somedays honestly tho I LIKE to be witchy with a b. THEN someone other than me gets stressed!

MigrainePuppet said...

You are so right, we'll take any victory we can get and keep trying what we need to do to help ourselves.

MigrainePuppet said...

Winny, that sounds very interesting. I think I'd like to try it, but I may have to wait until the it's not as stressful. Thank you for another great idea! I need to be less 'witchy' especially while at work. :-)

Leo Piccioli said...

One of my strategies to cope with migraines is to run a blog! (not too original...)
On one hand, it helps me to reduce my stress simply by putting in black and white (those are my blog's colors) what I feel.
Additionally, I am using it as a diagnosis tool, reviewing different reasons for my pain.

MigrainePuppet said...

That is so true Leo! Running or writing a blog is a great way to cope with stress for many reasons. Gracias.