Friday, September 4, 2009

If you Ignore Them, They will Still Come

Last weekend, I finally said those words out loud that I didn't think I would ever say and wouldn't normally let pass through my lips. I said that I thought my preventatives were finally working. This was after I was asked how I made out with the last Tropical Storm which came through our state.

I had really fared pretty well with the recent storms. Just mild Migraines and my cognitive function was kept pretty much in tact too. However, I think I knew something was up even as I was answering this question. I just wasn't myself yet I feel I was subconsciously trying to convince myself that I was fine.

It didn't matter that my cheek was already numb and I was being the biggest chatterbox around. You see, I don't normally like to talk even though I force myself to normal talk when I have to. Being the super talker I was is usually one of my signs that a bigger Migraine is coming on which I know I was trying to ignore as well as the tingling cheek and other symptoms.

It has been a bad week too. I feel like I jinxed myself with the comment. I actually ended up missing two days from work this week because of the Migraine which is something I haven't done before and was still not up to par the rest of the week. I know I shouldn't just ignore my symptoms, but I don't feel like I always think straight at that point either.

I think I want to find some preventative that works once and for all that I will try to convince myself that everything is getting better although I do know that I have been handling the storms better. Luckily the Migraine has been winding down and hopefully I'll be back to normal tomorrow as this is going to be a big weekend that I need to be ready for.

Is it normal to not want to get Migraines that you don't notice obvious symptoms?


WinnyNinny PooPoo said...

My family can tell when my headache is getting worse long before I can. Weird. I think our brains are in the start of that cascade of pain and aren't working properly.

MigrainePuppet said...

I think you're right. I was with people who don't really know what I am like so they probably think I'm this huge chatterbox who likes to take over conversations. Sigh...

chrissy said...

my husband will say you are getting a migraine...i say how can you tell....he says...your eyes are heavy, you can't talk right, you are short in are tired real quick.....:)

MigrainePuppet said...

It's nice when someone knows us so well and will still be kind, empathetic and love us even if we're a little short tempered and not quite our normal selves. Good for you for having such a caring husband!