Saturday, April 25, 2009

My Background

I have been dealing with Migraine disease since I was about six years old. However, I was not officially diagnosed with Migraine until about three years ago at the age of....let's just say about three years ago after a few decades of being in the dark about this disease.

Way back when I went to the doctor with my mother. The only diagnosis he had to offer us was that I had headaches and there was nothing we could do about it. I spent the next few decades living by that advice where I had basically learned to ignore my migraines much to my detriment. Now I have vowed educate others around me when I can and to not let them go around with inadequate help or guidance from their doctors all while still trying to find this for myself. This is a never ending journey!

Since being diagnosed myself, I have had some family members who have been diagnosed at the same young age I was told I only had headaches. Although I try not to overstep my boundaries, I do try to make sure my family members and others get the information and knowledge they need to make the proper decisions they have to make for their children or even themselves.

I have a few environmental Migraine triggers which are always tough to avoid particularly the weather ones. I also went through an elimination diet where I was able to find some food triggers as well. I felt the elimination diet was well worth going through especially considering the triggers I found while on it.

Take care and welcome to my journey.

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